Meet Our Founder: Wenda

Hi, I’m Wenda- a college student with a major in business and a minor in economics with a real interest in finance. My passion and purpose for this blog is to help young adults just like you learn how to properly make, save, and invest their money in order to live a life that is not only abundant, but is fulfilling.



Throughout the years, I’ve found that growing up comes with real responsibilities. Unlike many of the college students that I know, I was never the most fortunate, and I almost always had to work for the things that I wanted. Being raised in a household where handling money was never a part of anyone’s expertise definitely didn’t help. One thing that I always wanted was someone to show me or teach me the proper ways to succeed with money, and when I turned 19, I found that person.

While searching through Amazon for books to expand my knowledge on finance, I came across numerous titles with many authors like Dave Ramsay, Jen Sincero, Ramit Sethi, etc. and I found that all of these people had one thing in common– and surprisingly it wasn’t that they were the smartest people in the world that really knew how to invest their money… It was their mindset. The shift in their mindset from ones of scarcity to ones of abundance is what really caused their pockets to follow suit.

Figuring out this one very important piece of the financial puzzle drove me nuts. I began googling, yahooing, skimming, and reading anything and everything finance related to understand the complex thing that is money. Funnily enough, I began to give others advice when it came to their finances. I began viewing their financial statements and letting them know the best way that they could save their coins, coaching them on the smartest things they could do to start on journeys of investment. That was for some time before I began to realize that the person I was searching for to help me succeed with money wasn’t some guru on a television screen.

That person was me.

I realized by searching through these books and by giving those close to me the advice that they needed so badly, that there is no set way to handle your money. So no, you don’t have to listen to Frugal Fred who says that the only way to properly handle your change is to keep it under your mattress and never spend it, and you also don’t have to listen to Risky Rick who says that you have to invest most of your money to make a good return and get rich. Everyone has their own path to tread, and creating this website was and is my way of not only helping me find my own road to Financially Free Street, but helping you find yours.

Now that I am nearing the end of my college years, I want to ensure that I begin creating good habits now, and ultimately find financial independence while I’m at it.

Are you with me?

If you are, then welcome to our journey together, Mindsetter.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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